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Reduce Your Debt By 85%

With a Consumer Proposal – legally binding and administered by the courts and a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. You will have up to 5 years to pay off your debt.



“A debt management solution, designed for people who have a stable income, or have a third party to provide a loan, can pay some off their debts, but need a certain length of time to do so.”

David Bottom
Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Consumer Proposal:

Lower monthly payments

Save on interest costs

Peace of mind

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will negotiate to repay only a portion of the debt

Interest is frozen from the date that you file the proposal

Your creditors are “stayed” and cannot take legal action against you

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What Our Clients Say

We have been serving clients for over 55 years, focusing on debt solutions for both personal and corporate insolvency and restructuring proceedings in a variety of industries.

Unbelievable people. David is as stand up a guy as you will ever deal with.

Excellent service and they go the extra mile for their clients which does not happen a lot these days.  I would highly recommend their firm.

David Bottom is very professional and committed to helping his clients.


Jessica, Coquitlam BC

John, North Vancouver BC

Will, New Westminster BC

Frequently Asked Questions

Top two questions answered.



No, your creditors cannot continue to harass you when you go bankrupt in British Columbia.  Once you have filed a bankruptcy assignment, your creditors must contact your trustee, not you!

Will creditors continue to harass me?



Poor money management isn’t always the cause of financial problems. Sometimes situations  beyond our control happens, such as job loss, divorce, death of a spouse, health problems, or a change in household income can lead to financial problems.

Are there ways to tell if I'm in financial trouble?

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